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Benefits of Sheepskin Seat Covers




3 Benefits of Sheepskin Seat Covers


1. Natural & Breathable


The key difference that sets sheepskin seat covers apart from other fabrics, such as neoprene or polyester, is sheepskins ability to breathe naturally. 


Because wool is a natural fabric, its hollow fibres increases the breathability of the covers. 

This comes from the insulation properties of air trapped within the wool fibre.

The entrapped air helps regulate body temperature and provide natural comfort.

Wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before getting wet. 



Which in turn:

  • Reduces sweatiness.

  • Increases warmth in winter.

  • Provides cool comfort in summer. 




2. Creates a Luxurious Feel


Sheepskin seat covers is an easy way to add a bit of luxury to your vehicle. 

This high quality fabric is comfortable to sit on and adds extra class to your vehicle interior.


Which in turn:

  • Keeps interior in pristine condition.

  • Increases the resale value.




3. Protects your Resale Value


Similar to canvas seat covers, sheep skin covers are great at protecting the resale value of your vehicle.

The soft nature of wool makes it the ideal fabric to cover your precious seats with.

Particularly, if your seats have leather upholstery. 


This is because of the lanolin that is found within the wool.

Lanolin is a basic but very gentle substance similar to that found in human skin. 

This lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with a self cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in fresh air. Making it very resistant to dirt and bacteria.



This means it:

  • Reduces unwanted smells, odour and bacteria.

  • Protects from wear and sun damage.