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How to Choose Long Lasting Work Boots | 4 Features of a Long Term Relationship




What to look for in a Sole Mate (for the best long term relationship). 


We have all been there.


Falling helplessly for the love of your life......The dream team. The sole mate. The happily ever after. 

Maybe even excitedly messaged your friends and family, telling them you've found the one. Probably followed up with some revelation that "they had changed your life". 


Maybe they had.


You did have a lot of similarities in the beginning; tough, good looking, and most importantly a shared love of the outdoors. 

But you just didn't last the distance. You lost your sole. You couldn't rely on them when things turned rough.


Eventually it just all fell apart....


The problem?

You were looking for the wrong things for a long lasting sole mate.

You gotta look for what you need. Not for what you want. 


Safety. Fitting. Durability. Weatherproof.


Those are the things that long lasting work boot relationships are made of.

Those will set you up for an awesome day. Every day. 

Purchasing a new pair of safety work boots can be a bit of a nightmare if you don't know what to look for.  We are here to help you find the best long lasting work boots, that will work for you.




Okay, okay so it may sound obvious, but safety is first and foremost.

It is the must have. The non negotiable. The deal breaker. 


Each and every job comes with its own set of hazards, and you are responsible for choosing the protective safety footwear that will reduce these.

It is definitely worth investing in protective boots with the correct safety features for you and your job. 

Take some time to research your options - ask your mates what they use, read some online reviews and find out what the specs are from your boss.


Boot development has advanced dramatically over recent years to improve safety for hard workers like yourself. 

Whether this means a composite safety toe boot for a builder, high leg ankle support for a forestry worker or electrical resistant sneakers for a electrician. 


Putting this extra effort into choosing the safest pair for your job will make your boot relationship a long term one. 



Correct fitting is a key player in a long lasting safety boot relationship.


Unless they are a perfect fit, you are going to be compromising on comfort and fighting for attention all day long.  

This will most likely mean you stop wearing them, and you will begin to feel ripped off. Not cool.  Oh and maybe even some blisters to make you feel better. Wince.


Let's not have that happen. Look for comfortable boots that you have an instant connection with.

Try on several styles when you are instore to see what you like and what feels comfortable for your feet.

If the boot is uncomfortable instore the chances of it being uncomfortable on the high pressure worksite are even greater. 


Find that pair of protective boots that make you think "oh my gosh, we were just made for each other", or something cute-sy like that. 



Do your sums beforehand to find out what safety boots will actually be long lasting and durable. 


Regardless of what trade or environment you work in, nobody actually wants to be falling out with their safety boots within a week. 

It has to be a reciprocal relationship. Boots that work as hard as you do.

You want safety boots that allow you to cover the distance, do the job well and still be standing at the end of your long shift. 


Ideally, your work boots should be stable and reliable; allowing you to get the work done onsite. Look for protective boots that are made from high quality, durable materials.

Keep in mind what the brand is - whilst it is important not to base your whole decision off this, it can be a helpful gauge of quality. 



At some point or another your relationship is going to be put to test, maybe attacked by some wet weather or extreme cold. 


Because of this, its worth having safety boots that protect you from these circumstances and allow you to focus on the job. No one wants to be drying soggy boots during there lunch break right? That is bound to warrant some weird looks from fellow mates. 


Ensuring they are high quality and weatherproof will vastly improve the longevity of your boots. Depending on your surrounding environment; opt for waterproof work boots to keep your feet dry, or insulated boots to keep your feet warm on the job.



Long term Relationship Advice


  • Don't skip the after care. Be sure to follow the care instructions carefully regarding the waterproofing and cleaning of your work boots.
    Doing so will 
    drastically increase the boot longevity and overall durability.
    Best bit? The care tips are all clearly laid out. No more second guessing about how to look after your sole mate. 


  • Looks aren't everything. We know how much you love to flaunt your new sidekick in front of your mates.
    Fashionable boots might look great and give you bragging rights....buuut...will they last the distance, protect your feet and save your life

  • Don't break up before you have broken in. Sometimes a boot just may not feel quite right until you have worn them several times and they have molded to your foot. Be mindful of this as you get to know each other and persevere through any minor twinges.  
    Obviously if your feet are consistently throbbing or similar do not keep wearing them, as this is most likely a fitting issue not connected to the breaking in of your boots. 




Still got some work boot questions? Ask away in the comments box below.