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How to Choose Seat Covers when travelling with your Dog




Head hanging out the window.

Tail wagging furiously.

Saliva dripping everywhere.

We all know how it is when you are traveling with your favourite furry friend. 


It is all going well. Until. Urgh. Uuuaaaargh....


That moment when you discover that your favourite friend has also left a lot of hair, liquid and scratches in your vehicle interior.


And you are far from chuffed.

Oh no. Your heart sinks. Along with any future resale value. Grimace.


But hey, hey not so fast there friend.

There is indeed a simple solution.


It comes in the form of hard wearing, waterproof canvas seat covers. 


Read on, and I shall explain exactly how to choose and what to look for in a seat cover. Too easy really.


3 Things to look for when Choosing Seat Covers for your Dog



1. Waterproof


Strangely enough waterproof seat covers are rather important when it comes to traveling with pets. 


Like all animals, dogs have a habit of dribbling and peeing.

And just when this will happen we can never be sure. 


Boy oh boy, we have all had one of those moments haven't we now.

Heads nod knowingly. 

Basically it turns really messy really quickly.

Like just don't even go there sorta stuff. Sigh. Rolls eyes. 


In these situations, seat covers made from canvas are the best waterproof options for dedicated doggy owners. 

Without protective seat covers, liquids like saliva and urine soak into the fabric of the seats.  

And that sickly smell of soiled seats is enough to make even the most devoted of dog lovers to place pet bans on their cars. Amirite? 


Canvas seat covers keep your vehicle seats clean, dry and smell free.

The waterproof fibres within the fabric repels the liquids and does not allow it to soak through to your seats.

In simple less science-y terms, that equals a happy tail-wagging dog in the back and a happy teethy grinning owner in the front.


And what's not to love about that?



2. Durability



Some dogs will claw and chew through anything they can get their teeth on, including cheaply made seat covers.


Dogs seem to think that the back seat of your car is some sort of piñata game at a child's birthday party.

Designed to be torn apart in the hopes of finding some sort of amazing treasure within. 

Maybe even in the form of doggie biscuits. Who knows?


But no, not with hard-wearing-super-durable-can't-touch-me sort of canvas seat covers on your seats.

An extremely durable fabric, like canvas, will easily ruin your pampered pooch's plans of shredding through the seat in a piñata type fashion.

Sorry little furry fellow, no such luck.


Whilst it may be tempting to get a cheaper neoprene seat cover option, we strongly advise against it.


Here is why: 

  • Would you rather spend $60-100 every 6 months replacing low quality neoprene seat covers? 
  • Or would you rather spend a little extra and get a high quality set of canvas covers that lasts you 2+ years?


Whilst canvas options may cost slightly more initially, the extra investment will pay off in the long run.

We have many customers who have had their covers for 4+ years.

And when they take the seat cover off to trade in their vehicle, they peel them back to discover pristine brand new looking seats.


Pretty impressive huh?


3. Non Shuffling



Dogs also have a habit of moving around in the vehicle.

A lot in fact.


The start of the journey looks something like this; paws scratching at the seats in excited anticipation of the destination there owner is taking them to.


As the car begins to drive they poke there big happy head out the window and enjoy the breeze.

But that simply isn't good enough, they then must pull their head inside to check their owner is still there


Then poke it back out to feel breeze.

Then pull it back in.

And out.

And in.

And so on and so forth. 


Meanwhile they are also unintentionally wearing down your precious seat upholstery from the constant rhythm of their tail enthusiastically wagging. 

So that when you finally get to your destination, your seat cover is well and truly shuffled out of place from this entertaining performance put on by your furry friend.


The solution?


A seat cover that is tailor made specifically for your vehicle is definitely the best option.


This ensures that your cover is firmly secured to the seat; with no excess fabric to crumple or shred. 

Unlike the stretchy one size fits all covers – tailor made covers won’t shuffle on the seats when you hop in and out of the vehicle.

And it means your furry friend can also hang out the window with no worries of the seat cover shuffling.


Win win.